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咖喱鸡 / Curry Chicken


食用份量 / Serving Size

4-5人份 / Pax


材料 / Cooking Ingredients

鸡肉 1公斤
马铃薯 200克
咖喱叶 2支
椰浆 200毫升
水 500克
菜油 2汤匙
南洋小厨咖喱酱 1包 (160克)

Chicken 1 kg
Potato 200 gm
Curry Leaf 2 stalks
Coconut Milk 200ml
Water 500 gm
Cooking oil 2tbsp
Nanyang Kitchen Curry Paste 1 packet (160gm)


煮法 / Cooking Steps

1. 把2汤匙油加入热锅,加入马铃薯拌炒片刻
2. 加入鸡肉,咖喱叶和咖喱酱,文火拌炒至鸡肉变色,加入水,炒匀盖上煮15分钟
3. 加入椰浆,炒匀煮滚,出锅即可

1. Add 2 tbsp cooking oil into a hot pot, add potato, stir fry
2. Add chicken, curry leaves and curry paste, fry well with medium heat. Add water, mix well, cover with a lid and simmer for 15 minutes
3. Add coconut milk, mix well and bring to boil, ready to serve

Manufactured In


Manufactured Date

June 2023

Best Use Before

Dec 2024

Packaging / Content

1 instant cooking paste


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