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姜蓉蒸白鲳鱼 / Ginger Paste Steam White Pomfret


食用份量 / Serving Size

4-5人份 / Pax

材料 / Cooking Ingredients

白鲳鱼 500克
香菜 少许
青葱 少许
南洋小厨姜蓉酱 1包 (160克)

White Pomfret 500 gm
Coriander some
Spring Onion some
Nanyang Kitchen Ginger Paste 1 packet (160g)

煮法 / Cooking Steps

1. 煮滚蒸笼的水,白鲳鱼进蒸笼大火蒸3分钟
2. 白鲳鱼飞水,淋上姜蓉酱,回蒸笼蒸7-8分钟或至熟
3. 白鲳鱼出锅,撒上香菜和青葱即刻

1. Bring water to boil in a steamer, place white pomfret into steamer and steam with high heat for 3 minutes
2. Drain the water, add ginger paste and steam for another 7-8 minutes or until cooked
3. Retrieve the fish from steamer, sprinkle with chopped coriander and spring onion, ready to serve

What's Inside?

1x Ginger Paste (160g)

Serving Size

2-4 Pax

Manufactured In


Manufactured Date

Mar 2024

Best Use Before

Sep 2025


Room Temperature


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